My name is Nutsuda Sumonsiri. My friends usually call me “Off” or “Offy”. I am currently an associate professor in Food Science and Technology at King Mongkut’s University. In this semester, I teach 3rd year- and 4th year-undergraduate students in Food Quality Evaluation and Food Industrial Management and Plant Design, respectively. Like everyone facing the COVID-19 pandemic, all classes need to be taught online and this is my very first time as an educator.

In ITS community of practice, I am most looking forward to learn and share more innovative teaching experience, especially teaching strategies in remote classroom. The challenges I have found during online teaching is how to engage students to work in a team, as well as how to teach/demonstrate laboratories effectively. Anyway, I think there are still many tools I can try and various experiences I can learn from this community :-)

Nutsuda Sumonsiri

Associate Professor in Food Science and Technology at King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand

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